Two Chemical Engineering Undergrads Receive Scholarships from DiscoverE

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Congratulations to Chemical Engineering undergraduate students Dorian Bruch and Michael Abramovitch, as well as Hyun Bum Cho from the Department of Computer Science, who were chosen to receive scholarships from the local chapter of DiscoverE, a coalition of engineering professionals. The scholarship winners were selected for their academic performance in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. The young engineers-to-be are recognized for their accomplishments outside of the classroom, and their potential for future contributions in the engineering fields as well as to local industry.

“We are so thrilled two of our chemical engineering undergraduates, Dorian Bruch and Michael Abramovitch, have been awarded scholarships from DiscoverE,” said Rachel Segalman, chair of UCSB’s Department of Chemical Engineering. “This recognition of our students from industry has been awarded to two outstanding recipients. Our department joins Dorian and Michael in celebrating this wonderful achievement.”

The awards will be presented at a dinner banquet Feb. 23 at CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo, Calif., as part of the larger occasion that is National Engineers Week. A celebration meant to highlight the contributions of the nation’s engineers and to encourage the next generation of technology, math and science-minded individuals to pursue careers in engineering, Engineers Week also involves the recognition of significant projects as well as educators who make it possible for students to discover and pursue careers in the field.

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