Congratulations to our Graduate Students who Defended in Spring Quarter!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Congratulations to our graduate students who defended their PhD theses in spring quarter!

Mark Joswiak, Doherty and Peters Groups
"In Silico Predictions of Crystal Growth Rates"

Alex Heilman, Gordon Group
"Tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy for nanoscale interrogation of surface chemistry and plasmonics"

Nikki Schonenbach, O'Malley and Han Groups
"Engineering a GPCR for Biophysical Analysis of Oligomer Interactions"

Peng Cheng, Helgeson and Leal Groups
"Rheology, Kinematics, and Structure of Shear Banding Wormlike Micelles"

Corinne Carpenter, Fredrickson Group
"Computational Studies of Directed Self Assembly of Block Copolymers for Advanced Lithography"

Doug Vogus, Mitragotri and Squires Groups
"Polymeric vehicles for the optimal delivery of synergistic chemotherapeutics"

John Henske, O'Malley Group
"Engineering Regulation in Anaerobic Gut Fungi during Lignocellulose Breakdown"

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