Our Commitment to Diversity 


Our department aspires to cultivate an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community of diverse scholars, spanning distinct backgrounds, races, ethnicities, national identities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, ideologies, and intellectual styles.

We recognize the social and ethical imperative to train a diverse cohort of future engineers, scholars, and leaders.  We also recognize the critical role that diversity plays in innovation, particularly in our highly collaborative environment and in the global chemical engineering community.

We value our differences, and strive to have an open and continuous dialogue within our community per our commitment to support the diversity of its members. We are also committed to actions that foster equitable opportunities and that promote the success of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Supporting a diverse department and campus community is an essential component of our educational mission and research enterprise.  As such, we endorse the College of Engineering’s commitment to diversity.


Faculty representative and Diversity Committee chair: Prof. Todd Squires
Undergraduate Affairs: Prof. Joe Chada
Graduate Affairs: Prof. Scott Shell