J. Tyler Mefford

Assistant Professor 


3333 Engineering II
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080

ChemE Research Areas: 


2020  Best In-situ and Operando Characterization Presentation Award, MRS
2016  Excellence in Renewable & Clean Energy Research Award, UT Energy Institute
2016  Nano Portfolio Presentation Award, University of Texas at Austin

Research Description: 

The Mefford group works at the intersection of engineering, chemistry, and materials to understand and control electron and ion transfer at electrified interfaces. With an emphasis on utilizing the increasingly low-cost of electrons generated from renewables, we develop novel redox-active polymers and inorganic electrode materials for applications in electrochemical energy conversion, storage, and chemical separations. Understanding of the non-equilibrium properties of electrochemical systems and reaction mechanisms across time and length scales is aided by a focus on device development, operando spectroscopy, microscopy, and scattering techniques, and computational methods.


BS: Chemistry, Stanford University, (2012)
PhD: Chemistry, The University of Texas at Austin (2016)