M. Scott Shell

Department Vice Chair


(805) 893-4346
3321 Engineering II
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080

ChemE Research Areas: 


2017  AIChE CoMSEF Impact Award
2015  Saville Lectureship, Princeton University
2014  Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
2013  Named among 80 seminal papers in the J. of Chemical Physics' 80th Anniversary Collection
2012  Sloan Research Fellowship
2009  NSF CAREER Award
2007  Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award
2004  Porter Ogbus Jacobus Honorific Fellowship (Princeton)
2000  Wu Fellowship (Princeton)
2000  Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Research Description: 

We use molecular simulation and theory to understand multi-scale, hierarchical interactions in complex biomolecular systems, with a specific focus on proteins and peptides. In particular, our group develops general methods for predicting peptide structure and self-assembly behavior, and is designing new approaches for linking simulations and theories across multiple length and time scales in fundamental, rigorous ways. These efforts are used to understand (1) folding and design principles in proteins; (2) peptide structure, association, self-assembly, and aggregation; and (3) the role of water and the hydrophobic interaction in driving biological recognition and self-assembly processes.


BS: Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (2000)
PhD: Chemical Engineering, Princeton University (2005)

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