Susannah Scott

Mellichamp Cluster Chair, Sustainable Catalytic Processing


(805) 893-5606
3325 Engineering II and Building 489, Room 101A
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080

Assistant Contact Information: 

Carlo Broderick 
(805) 893-8614
Bldg 489, Room 101

ChemE Research Areas: 


2012  Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2001-2002  Canada Research Chair in Catalyst Design
2001  Miller Visiting Resarch Professorship, University of California, Berkeley
1998, 1999  Union Carbide Innovation Recognition Award
1997  Cottrell Scholar, Research Corporation
1994  John Charles Polanyi Prize in Chemistry

Research Description: 

The Scott group conducts both fundamental and applied research in surface chemistry and catalysis. We aim to understand the interactions and transformations of molecules in solution and at gas-solid interfaces by creating highly uniform active sites. We apply techniques from organometallic and coordination chemistry, surface science, spectroscopy, kinetics, mechanistic analysis and modeling to investigate, design and re-engineer heterogeneous catalysts. A key element of our strategy is to synthesize well-defined molecular precursors and anchor them onto solid supports via self-limiting surface reactions. For example, organochromium complexes CrRx are precursors to active sites in the Phillips (Cr/SiO2) catalysts for ethylene polymerization, while perrhenates such as (CH3)3SiOReO3 and CH3ReO3 are precursors to supported olefin metathesis catalysts.


BS: University of Alberta (1987)
PhD: Iowa State University of Science and Technology (1991)

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